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What We're All About

Peace of Mind

Anyone that has gone through the house selling process before knows how tough it can be. There’s cleaning, repair, walk-throughs, waiting on financing, and the list goes on. We say “No more!” It doesn’t need to be tough, and that’s why we’re here.

Gettin' the Job Done

We have the know-how, expertise, and support network in place to take the complicated, attention-hogging, money-draining things off your plate so you can focus on what you need most: actually selling your house, and doing it on your terms. All homes deserve some love, no matter the condition, and Honest Abe will tell you that’s just what we give them.

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All homes deserve some love

~Honest Abe

The Guys Who Buy the Houses

We’ve got a bunch of years under our belts helping people through the home selling experience. We don’t just want to be your guide though; we want to make you smile and feel good about your decision.


Jesse Shemesh

Mr. Shemesh is President and Founder at Sell House Philly where his primary role is overseeing all acquisitions and business development in the Philadelphia market. Jesse has done it all in real estate with over ten years of experience in acquisitions, large scale residential development, zoning projects, financial valuation of various real estate asset classes and is a leader in thought leadership being a speaker at various real estate conferences nationwide.

Chris Martino

Vice President
Chris is Vice President at Sell House Philly where he specializes in overseeing the day to day management of the business. He is experienced running financial models and has been an active real estate investor for over five years. Chris is very detail oriented, attentive, and responsive. He has various corporate and received his BS in Business from the University of Delaware.

Sean McGowan

Acquisitions Manager
Mr. McGowan is VP of Sales at Sell House Philly where his primary role is deal sourcing and dispositions. He sources all inbound leads and works with sellers in all aspects of the transactions. His experience is in retail management for a Fortune 500 company and goes above and beyond to make every clients experience a memorable one.

The Guys Behind the Scenes

Even though you may not meet them, our behind-the-scenes guys are a big part of the process, working to get you the best prices, and giving our home buyers the chance to meet great people like you!


Josh Silverbauer

Marketing Team

Jamey DiLorenzo

Marketing Team

Pete DiLorenzo

Dev/Design Team

Dan Campbell

Dev/Design Team

Paul Impellizeri

Dev/Design Team

About Our Company

We’ve been in the home buying industry for a long time. More than 15 years in fact! All our work has made us the authority on getting you through the legal, financial, and logistical issues which could otherwise hold you back, make you wait a long time, or even second guess whether selling your home is the right move.


Whatever your situation, whatever your timeline, we’re here for you.

How Can We Help Sell Your House?

Our job is to make the process as simple as it can possibly be

so it's win-win for everyone!