The COVID-19 Impact on Real Estate in Philadelphia

What was just another overseas contagion a couple of months ago is now a worldwide pandemic. The U.S., Philadelphia included, is now besieged by the Coronavirus — specifically COVID-19 — in a manner unseen for at least a century. Both the mayor and the governor are issuing stay-at-home orders to Pennsylvanians in Philly and the…

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How The 2020 Election Outcome Affects The Housing Market

Every election cycle there’s a question about how the new administration will address the housing situation in this country. Some leaders lean toward making it easier for investors to increase their profit margins and others lean toward making homeownership more affordable for everyday Americans.  The immediate future of the housing market largely depends on the…

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Philadelphia Real Estate Market: Feb 2020

19128 – Roxborough 19129 – East Falls, Wissahickon 19130 – Fairmount, Spring Garden, Francisville, Sharswood 19131 – Overbrook, West Philadelphia If there’s one thing the great housing crash taught real estate investors, it’s this: numbers matter. Chasing cash flow alone isn’t going to build a real estate portfolio, nor will hoping that the appreciation will…

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How to Sell Your House Fast in Philadelphia

Sell Your House Quickly

There’s a Better Way to Sell Your House Quickly New job? Time to take care of elderly relatives? Ready to downsize and find a smaller place that’s easier to manage? If you’ve got a deadline that’s hanging over your head, one thing is clear: the classic way of selling a house in Philadelphia just isn’t…

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5 Tips on Dealing With an Abandoned House in Your Neighborhood

Abandoned Houses in Philly

Abandoned Houses are Everyone’s Issue Many neighborhoods have been left with abandoned houses which may have been left vacant for various reasons. Some may be due to relocation, bankruptcy, legal issues, or inheritance complications. Whichever reason it may be, it is generally easy to recognize them due to their boarded-up windows, huge stacks of mail,…

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Tips For Securing Your Vacant Property: Protection from Squatters, Intruders, and Theft

Whether you’re on vacation or you have a property that is currently vacant, the possibility of intruders, squatters, and thieves taking advantage is a major concern. The last thing you want to do is to leave your house in a manner that would actually suggest no one is home. What are some things you can…

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Dealing with Mold Issues and How to Prevent Mold From Forming

We are all aware that mold growth in our homes is a serious problem that can not only cause damage to the home, but it can also be a health hazard to you and your family. It is important to remove mold as quickly as possible.  Here are some tips on dealing with and preventing…

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How to Transfer Property Without a Will

Blank Will

Despite the rise of “fast and easy” estate planning templates and affordable legal services online, the average American still doesn’t have a will created. What happens to owned property in this case? We’ll tell you.

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How to Sell Your Home Quickly without The Hassle

It’s a great time to put your home on the market in Philadelphia. But there are many things you must do before you sell your home.

Here are 5 things you can avoid if you sell your home to Sell House Philly:

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