Can I sell My Home with Water Damage?

property damage water to roof

Selling a house can be stressful for everyone involved. Depending on the type of house and where it’s located, different problems may arise. Water damage is a common issue with both new and old houses, but it doesn’t have to limit your options. 

What Exactly Is Water Damage?

Water damage is a term that many people misunderstand when selling a home. Simple leaks or certain plumbing issues may be fixable and cause minimal damage. Other water damage can be more difficult to pinpoint or manage. Even these types of water damage can be dealt with depending on time and housing structure.

Common water damage issues can include:

  • Mold
  • Structural Damage
  • Foundation Issues

These issues can occur from a pipe bursting or an actual flood. Regardless where the water accumulates or how much has seeped through, water damage is still an issue that needs immediate attention.

 It’s easy to assume water damage will prevent a house from selling, but this is not actually the case. How you go about selling your house is the key to making money regardless of water damage. 

What Does It Take To Sell A House With Water Damage?

Water damage can cause health risks if it is not taken care of immediately. One of the problems with water damage, however, is that some damage can go undetected. Water damage that results from piping malfunction or a leak in the roof can cause issues in crawl spaces or behind walls. 

If flooding has occurred, the house can have hidden mold. Mold clean-up procedures must be thorough to eradicate all fungus. Sometimes bleach or dish detergent can be used to scrub bleach from the house, but this depends on where the water damage has occurred. If mold is located behind the walls, a professional crew is recommended for mold removal and possible renovations. 

Repair services vary in their knowledge of water damage. This can be extremely costly even when using smaller companies. To properly dry and repair water damage, all moisture must be removed from the area. Once damage has been completed, fixing floors and walls may be necessary.

If the water damage has happened because of pipe damage, walls may benefit from neutral paint colors. This can minimize the look of possible stains that may occur after repairs have been made. Fresh paint can also create a new and clean look for potential buyers interested in the house. Selling soon after repairs is ideal, regardless of where the damage has occurred. 

Health Precautions

If the water damage was not removed at the time that it occurred, there may be significant health issues. This usually stems from mold. Mold can cause a variety of health problems such as headaches, nausea, and an increased risk of infection. Selling a house with mold will be difficult and potentially harmful.

A contractor can give an assessment for repairing the damage, but health risks may still linger if the damage wasn’t eliminated from the start. It may be important to substantially renovate the walls to make sure mold is not trapped in the ventilation system. 

Selling a house can be hard work, but the safety of new home-owners is key. If you do choose to list the house, it may be beneficial to include the possibility of repairs. Trying to sell a house without first repairing it can be seen as dishonest if the condition is not mentioned up front. 

Some buyers may already have pre-existing conditions such as autoimmune diseases that may put them at additional risk for developing allergies. Mold allergies can be extremely dangerous for those with compromised immune systems. Many home-buyers with pre-existing health conditions may ask about the mold situation and if water damage has been an issue. Full disclosure can help potential buyers understand whether they are willing to continue with the process.

How To Sell Quickly

There are a few different ways to sell a house with water damage. Listing a house can be done with the additional help necessary to fix potential health hazards. This involves getting an estimate on the repair job and hiring professionals to remove any possible mold created from water damage. Once this is done, the renovation process can start. 

For a less time-consuming way to sell a house, many people prefer to sell water-damaged houses for cash. This method is much less expensive since houses are not required to be repaired or renovated before the sale. Selling a house for cash eliminates the need for agents, listings, repairs, and multiple house showings. 


Selling a house “as is” is a quick way to receive a fair price on the house. Rather than dealing with the hassle of agents and prospective buyers, this process can be done quickly and efficiently. For a free evaluation of the house, please call us at (215) 798-3909 or contact us for more information. 

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