How Has Tax Abatement Changed in Philly Because of Gentrification?

tax abatement and gentrification (1) (1)

Gentrification is a double-edged sword in the sight of public opinion. On the one hand, the renovation and renewal of properties and neighborhoods improve the appearance, comfort and quality of life wherever such restoration occurs. In so doing, however, the developers make the community a more expensive place to live and do business, thereby dislodging…

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The COVID-19 Impact on Real Estate in Philadelphia

What was just another overseas contagion a couple of months ago is now a worldwide pandemic. The U.S., Philadelphia included, is now besieged by the Coronavirus — specifically COVID-19 — in a manner unseen for at least a century. Both the mayor and the governor are issuing stay-at-home orders to Pennsylvanians in Philly and the…

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How The 2020 Election Outcome Affects The Housing Market

Every election cycle there’s a question about how the new administration will address the housing situation in this country. Some leaders lean toward making it easier for investors to increase their profit margins and others lean toward making homeownership more affordable for everyday Americans.  The immediate future of the housing market largely depends on the…

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