Frequently Asked Questions

We wanna make this as easy as possible for you. So if we missed anything in these FAQs and you have more questions, feel free to drop us a line!

It’s simple. Just fill out the form on the site and tell us the address of the home you wish to sell. You can expect a call from us within 24 hours! You can also call (215) 798-3909 to request an offer over the phone.

We buy houses throughout the Philadelphia metro area in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Sell House buys residential homes, condos, duplexes, multi-tenant buildings, and townhomes in any condition!

Nope! Selling your house to Sell House is entirely free. There’s no service charge, no commission, no closing costs, and no obligation to sell, even after you receive your cash offer. You can take our quote and walk, but we think you’ll like it and want to wrap up your sale quickly.

None at all! You don’t have to do a single thing. (Seriously, you don’t even have to sweep the floors.) We buy houses as-is, meaning no hiring any contractors, no carpet cleanings, nothing! No need to worry about expensive repairs - we buy your house in the exact condition it is in right now.

That’s okay, too! Every homeowner and every situation is different so we will work with any timeline you’re comfortable with. The one thing you want to keep in mind though is that we take a market approach, which means pricing can change from month to month and season to season. Our offers can vary over time, and our initial cash offer is only valid for a limited period of time.

Absolutely! Call (215) 798-3909 to speak with a Sell House representative today! We have real people at the ready who would love to talk to you.

Never. Sell House does not take a commission and we cover all closing costs. In the end, that helps us save you about 10-12% compared to a traditional listing and home sale. (That’s a lot! Saving on those fees would mean you could recover a huge portion of your home equity.)

The escrow process begins once you accept the offer. Let us know when you’d like to close and we work to make it happen. From there, the closing process is pretty easy: We send the closing documents and even the notary right to your home or office for easy signing. Once that’s wrapped up, the title company will send you a payout check or wire you the money.

The escrow process starts as soon as you sign our final cash offer. Oftentimes, we can present you with our final cash offer on the very same day you reach out to us.

It’s all yours! Do what you want with it, but let us know that’s your plan before we send our final offer to make sure we can coordinate when you’ll be transporting it.

A traditional home inspection takes hours, and the inspector will consider every little detail: your water heater, furnace, plumbing, foundation, roof, attic, crawl space, basement, and more! They’ll open doors, peek into every nook and cranny, look into your vents, and even turn on your faucets, heating, and air conditioning. Their goal is to report back all issues to the buyer who may then try to renegotiate the price or require that you fix certain things before closing.

A Sell House walk-through includes NONE OF THESE THINGS. Absolutely none of it. Our walk-throughs are top-level, only making sure no major issues are present that would make the house unsellable. We just want to get you a straight, final offer as fast as possible.

We look at a combination of factors including the current real estate market trends, recent similar home sales in the area, and the level of repairs required. (While you won’t need to pay for any of those, someone else would. The good news though is that they will buy the house from you first!) We believe in transparency and will happily walk you through the offer price when you get it.

Sell House is the best choice for homeowners who want convenience, simplicity, and a stress-free process. Some homeowners have the time and resources to go the traditional route through a real estate agent, but others don’t. Sell House is here for those who need to move on a flexible schedule and want to avoid the headaches that come with a traditional home sale.

While a traditional home sale will takes months, (if you’re lucky,) we can help you sell your home and close in as little as seven days. We move as fast as you want to move!

You’re saving thousands of dollars by not paying a traditional commission. Commissions on home sales average 6%, says That means if your home price is $200,000, you could expect to lose about $12,000 in commissions alone. Selling your home to Sell House is completely free. No commissions, no service fees, no closing costs.

Don’t worry about it. We buy houses “as-is,” which means you don’t need to do any repairing, painting, or cleaning. Anything that’s left there is our problem now! Sell House is truly the most stress-free way to sell your home when don’t have the time or energy to go the traditional route.

You bet! Remember, we work on your timeframe. You can close in as little as seven days or set your closing date a few months out if you need more time to pack and move.

It may sound hard to believe, but yes! We provide proof of buyer funds, purchase track records, and appropriate deposits with documentation from a third party. So you won’t need to take our word, you can trust the documents.

Yes. We will perform a free, on-site inspection of your home within 15 days of the signed agreement. The purpose of the appointment is to verify the specifications of your home and its condition, and identify any repairs that will need to be addressed. We’ll coordinate with you to set up a time that’s convenient for you.

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