How to Sell Your Home Quickly without The Hassle

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With a new city grant being offered to first time home-buyers in Philadelphia, it’s a great time to put your home on the market. But you can’t just put up a “For Sale” sign and hope for the best, right? There are many things you must do before you sell your home. 

Here are 5 things you can avoid if you sell your home to Sell House Philly

1. Inspections, Inspections, and More Inspections

Getting an inspection can be a pain in the butt and cost somewhere between $300-$500. You can read the full guidelines for home inspections, if you want to see how thorough it is. Then you have to decide what to fix, and what to leave up to the buyer. 

And of course any potential buyer will also get the house inspected and any discrepancies there will have to be reviewed and negotiated. You may even need to bring in a 3rd independent inspector if you and the buyer cannot agree. 

2. Developing Your Exit Strategy For Multiple Outcomes

When deciding to sell your home you have to think of all the possible outcomes. Don’t assume, for example, that your home will sell right away. The current market is good for sellers, overall, but that can change quickly and may not reflect the value at which you purchased your home, your interest rates, or what you hope to get in return.

The fact is, you don’t know what will happen until you put your house on the market and find out, so you need to be prepared and financially ready. So you have to sit down and figure out what your exit strategy should look like. Where will you live if a house isn’t ready for you to buy right away? How much capital do you have saved? How long can you wait for the right buyer?

These are questions you don’t need to ask with Sell House Philly.

3. Dealing with The Curb Appeal Factor

When it comes to the outside of your home, the visuals are everything. Potential buyers begin assessing whether your home is a good fit by looking at the outside. You must start by tidying up the landscaping, and handling any minor painting tasks. When buyers like the way your home looks as they pull up, they are much more likely to move forward. You may need to hire a professional landscaper, if you don’t have a green thumb yourself. Trimming up shrubs, trim hanging tree branches, pulling weeds,  replacing dead plants and grass…these things add up. 

Not to mention the exterior of the house may need some serious upgrades to draw in buyers. Paint, windows, and roof need to all look great from a first glance. That means hiring contractors and, well, we’ve all had our experiences there.

4. Staging The Interior 

Your personal touch is what turns a house into a home, but what will sell your home is a neutral look. The buyer wants to visualize the possibilities of your home. Let their imagination lead you to a fast sale! Removing personal items and getting your home staged by a professional team is an important process in selling your home. 

So what do you do with your stuff while your home is looking neutral for potential buyers? You can rent a storage unit or hide it all in the attic. Or you could forget all that stuff and contact Sell House Philly today.

5. Setting and Adjusting Your Home’s Price 

Naturally, we all want to see our home sell for as much as possible, but considering all the work and money you have to put into getting the most value possible there’s always a risk you end up losing out.

Instead, you can contact us at Sell House Philly and get an instant quote without all the ongoing carrying costs weighing you down. Our professional real estate team has the experience to give you a fair price for your home so you can sell your home without all that hassle and risk. Let us help you make the process smooth from start to finish. Contact us today. We’re happy to help.

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