How to Sell Your House Fast in Philadelphia

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Philadelphia is a famous city in Pennsylvania with high demand for houses. You may think that a vast market guarantees you a quick sale. However, the bigger the market, the greater the competition. Hence, you have to be strategic enough when faced with an urgent need to sell your house.

If you are considering selling your house fast and don’t know how to go about it, you are in the right place. Whatever the reasons behind your sale, the tips below will help you sell your house fast in Philadelphia.

1. Select the Best Time to Place Your House on Sale

The best time to sell your house depends on several factors. But it mainly depends on the factor(s) behind your sale. If it’s an emergency that’s pushing you to sell, then you may not have much control over the time to place your house on sale. However, if it’s not a pressing issue, you will first need to take more time to study the real estate market.

Seasonality has a significant impact on the selling prices. Spring has always proved to be the best season to sell houses. However, it would be best if you understand your neighborhood to know the best times to sell. Most importantly, sell at a time when you are fully ready to avoid rushing into cheap offers and other undesirable aftermaths.

2. Price it Right

The right price for a house is crucial in attracting buyers. Pricing is affected by factors like your geographical location, home design, and selling price of similar homes in the neighborhood.

If you need a speedy sale, it would be best to sell at a lower price, especially when the demand is low, to avoid scaring away the buyers. You can seek help from realtors to help place the right price for your home based on comparable homes (comps) within your locality. Other strategies that can help you quote the correct price include the following:

Research about recent sales of similar houses.

Your findings will help you to compare your house to similar houses formerly sold. You will be able to check their selling prices and the length of time taken to sell. Further, check on the market dynamics to understand the prices within your locality. Such parameters will help you know how to set the right price to achieve a quick sale.

Consult your family members and friends

Your family members and friends are your closest people who can offer you invaluable advice. Most of them could be having similar home-selling experiences. Hence, seeking their opinions about the right price to sell your house can be very helpful.

Get offers from online homebuyers

Online homebuyers are quick in responding to your needs. You can search for websites like Sell House Philly to get homebuyers offers. You can also use various online home valuation tools to estimate your home price based on your house descriptions.

3. Act Fast

You need to sell your house fast, right?. So you have to act fast. Put everything in place quickly at the beginning of your selling process. Philadelphia has many home sellers who can outdo you if you act slowly. Hence, upon getting an offer from a buyer, move at the buyer’s pace.

Make sure that you’re always available to respond to the buyer’s concerns. Show your eagerness to sell and have straight thoughts. Don’t include any unnecessary processes that can slow down your selling process.

4. Digitalize Your Selling Process

Technology has taken over all the activities currently. Research shows an upward trend in online presence, with American adults spending an average of 11 hours a day online. The finding tells you the importance of getting digital in your home-selling.

The online presence will enable you to meet home buyers like Sell House Philly. These buyers can guide you through the entire process online. Once you enter your location and contact details, you will receive feedback within a short duration regarding their cash offer.

Besides, take advantage of social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Post elegant photos and videos of your home on sale, and you will never miss out on willing buyers online. Several buyers are online searching for houses and looking at different offers available. Therefore, ensure that you maximize the right approaches to market your home digitally.

5. Engage a Professional

The home-selling process can be challenging. Even though you can manage to complete the process all by yourself, it can be more beneficial to engage a real estate agent. The agent can give you invaluable advice and walk you through the entire journey.

An expert professional understands the market demands. A professional also knows the right tactics to sell your house quickly. You can seek expert opinions of your home valuations and how to renovate your home, including desirable features that help sell fast. And since you need to sell quickly, you can engage e-sellers due to their faster nature and convenience. The e-sellers can get you buyers who can buy your home with instant cash.

If you wish, you can engage online estate agents who can offer you the same real estate packages at lower prices. Follow the tips below to choose the best real estate agent:

  • Check the available real estate agent records to ensure that the agent has adequate prior experience selling houses fast.
  • Pick an agent who is familiar with Philadelphia and, more so, your neighborhood.
  • Confirm the agent’s knowledge about homebuyers-the homebuyers’ needs and preferences, buying price ranges, and other terms of sale agreements.
  • Check their viewing policy and the extent of services that the agent can offer to facilitate your quick sale. Such services would include:
  • Hiring expert photographers to take quality photographs of your house.
  • Sharing your house on their listings.
  • Marketing your home on various social media platforms to attract a large number of prospects.
  • Responding to the buyers’ questions.
  • Negotiating the best price.

6. Know Your Buyer

The success of selling your home quickly depends on how well you know your prospective buyers. It would be best if you conduct market research to understand the demands of your prospects. Buyers may have various preferences that you should be aware of. They may need home inspections, whereas others will not. Due to your urgent need to sell your home, opt for homebuyers with fewer demands, such as Sell House Philly. They won’t need you to do renovations nor home inspections as they will buy your house as-is.

Your selling behavior is critical in attracting potential buyers. Apart from knowing your buyer, present yourself as a willing seller and place buyers’ preferences on the top of your selling strategies.

7. Market Your Home Widely

To sell faster, you need to have a wider market reach. You can gain wide market access by placing adverts on various sites, including newspapers, websites, social media, and posters. Ensure that you use the right marketing approaches in your ads. You can look for experts who understand how to craft enticing marketing content that will attract your prospects.

It would help if you also put a “For Sale” sign on your home. The poster gives you a higher likelihood of finding buyers from amongst those who pass near your home. Don’t underestimate passing your listing to your homeowners’ association, friends, relatives, and neighbors. Remind them to share the listing, and you can probably find someone interested in purchasing your house.

8. Look for a cash homebuyer

A cash homebuyer can quickly make an offer with ready money to purchase your house. With the rise in technology use, you can find several websites for companies that can buy instantly. Buying homes is their form of investment.

If you want to sell your home fast without any modifications, a cash home buyer is your best go-to option. Such buyers can buy your house immediately, avoiding the need for further adverts. This strategy can be advantageous in several ways. For example, you do not get involved in hassles involving numerous buyers who may not have ready cash. Also, you get to sell your house fast with no need for repairs as they will do it themselves.

9. Offer Seller Concessions and Other Incentives

You can offer seller concessions to attract buyers who can purchase your house quickly. The concessions will reduce the burden of closing costs on the buyer. Most buyers will be willing to buy your home when they notice that you’ll be assisting them in paying off the closing costs. Thus, seller concessions will attract homebuyers who may be unable to afford the closing costs or the ones who want to spare the money for other home improvements. You have to agree with your buyer or agent on how you’ll pay your offer. You can do it in two ways:

a. Subtract the money from the buyer’s payment. For instance, if a buyer pays $300,000 and your concession is $5,000, you will receive $295,000.

b. Add the concession amount to the selling price of your house. For instance, if your home’s initial sale price is $350,000 and you agree to pay a concession of $10,000, the new price for the house will be $360,000.

Apart from seller concessions, you can offer an agent bonus to an agent who helps you find a buyer. It will help you quote your agent bonus price to encourage the agents to get you a buyer urgently. It will be essential to discuss the terms and agreements for settling your agent bonus to avoid misunderstandings.

Another incentive that allows you to sell first would be the provision of a home warranty. The warranty acts as a relief to buyers in case of anything happening to the house after purchase.

10. Make Your House Stand Out

You’re probably not the only one selling a house at any particular time. Therefore, you are competing for buyers. Now that you need to make a fast sale, you need to look for approaches that make your home appear luxurious and different from the rest. You can utilize online resources to show you how to stand out conveniently. Follow the tips below to that add an extra flair to your house and stand out from the rest:

a. Change your house painting to be different from the surrounding homes for sale.

b. Change the settings of your cabinets to differ from your competitors’ houses.

c. Improve your home’s lighting and allow as much natural light as possible into the house.

d. Work on your ceiling design and overall appearance.

e. Utilize your exterior space in style. For example, you can introduce flowers that offer a breathtaking view.

f. Clean every corner of your house and have well arrangements of furniture and other items in place.


Home selling can be a tedious task, especially if you need to sell fast. Luckily, some strategies can make the whole process smooth and quick. From placing the right price to marketing your house widely and offering seller concessions, you can get a guarantee to sell your house fast. Regardless of the circumstance leading you to sell your house fast in Philadelphia, follow the tips highlighted above to sell quickly.

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