How to Sell Your House Fast in Philadelphia

Sell Your House Quickly

There’s a Better Way to Sell Your House Quickly

New job? Time to take care of elderly relatives? Ready to downsize and find a smaller place that’s easier to manage? If you’ve got a deadline that’s hanging over your head, one thing is clear: the classic way of selling a house in Philadelphia just isn’t going to work. 

What do you stand to lose if your home doesn’t sell quickly? What milestones will be missed if you must hold off on relocating because the cost of maintaining two residences is just too much? Thankfully, such a difficult dilemma doesn’t have to remain unsolved for long. That’s right: you can sell a house fast in Philadelphia, if you know the right steps to take.

Shift the Load onto Experienced Shoulders

What’s easier than hunting for a real estate agent to sell your home? Finding a real estate investor that will buy your house quickly. If you lay out all of the pieces of the problem at hand, it makes sense. Real estate investors thrive when they have a growing portfolio of properties to fix up, hold, or sell. Most investors deal primarily in cash deals, which means that you aren’t waiting on a mortgage company to release funds. The closing process with an investor is much faster than if you were to list your home on the market.

Consider the Merits of a Private Cash Offer

The experienced real estate investor can not only walk you through all of the steps of the private offer process, but they will make a fair offer on the property itself. Another advantage of selling your home to an investor is that if you really need to make a quick move and can’t take a lot of your items with you, many investors will clean the house out as part of the deal. Even if you have enough time to pack up the house, the freedom you’ll gain from not having to pick out a real estate agent can’t be ignored. It can be difficult to find the right real estate professional that will understand the urgency of your situation.

Go for the (Fast) Close!

When you need to get a fast home closing under your belt, the real estate investor is the best way to make that happen. Keep in mind that you might not get as much for the home compared to selling it on the open market. An experienced investor will be upfront with you about that fact, but don’t let it discourage you in the slightest.

Why? It’s simple: you’re protecting yourself against future expenses. Let’s say that you put your house up on the market and go ahead and move. You will most likely need to spend money to get the house ready for open houses, and there are going to be ongoing carriage costs until the house is sold.

Consider the Price (on Every Level)

The real estate investor will offer the fairest price based on how much the home is worth, and the costs associated with getting the most value out of the property. Since they’re taking on a level of risk by buying the house, the overall offer is going to reflect that. You will not have to make any repairs or worry about being asked to invest in expensive “curb appeal” additions.

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